Throughout its long and often bloody history Ethiopia’s feuding fiefdoms have risen, flourished and fallen, leaving remnants of their glory still able to be admired today.
Ethiopia is home to no less than nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites – eight of them cultural, denoting the vast number of historic treasures that can be seen. We visit five World Heritage Sites on tour including the castles of Gondar; the Semien Mountains; the
rock-hewn churches of Lalibela; the mysterious ‘stelae field’ of Aksum; and the ancient walled-city of Harar.

Our visit is timed to coincide with the Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas at Lalibela and the Timket Festival (Epiphany) celebrations in Addis.

Ethiopia is home to some of Africa’s most dramatic scenery and a healthy mix of wildlife. During our tour we go in search of Gelada baboons in the Semien Mountains; Walia ibex and Ethiopian wolf in the Bale Mountains; elephant at Babile; lion, crocodile and a variety of other rare, endangered, endemic and unusual animal and birdlife. In Harar we have the opportunity to hand-feed wild hyena under the watchful eye of the ‘Hyena man’, following a tradition handed down through the generations.

Hyena Man of Harar


  • Addis Ababa (2 nights)
  • Bahir Dar (2), Blue Nile Falls, Lake Tana cruise
  • Semien Mountains National Park (2)
  • Gondar (2), Debre Tabor, Awramba
  • Lalibela (3), Yimrehane Kristos, Orthodox Christmas festivities
  • Axum (1)
  • Hawzen (2), Yeha, Adigrat, Tigray, Mekele
  • Addis Ababa (1)
  • Harar (1), Babille Elephant Sanctuary
  • Dire Dawa (1), Addis-Djibouti Rail Museum
  • Lake Langano (1), Bishoufti crater lakes
  • Bale Mountains National Park (3)
  • Awassa (1)
  • Addis Ababa (1), Timket Festival

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