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Cuba to the Yucatan


Twenty two years after first visiting Cuba I have just returned with our “Cuba to the Yucatan” group which journeyed across Cuba from Havana in the west to Santiago de Cuba in the east. The changes are obvious. Hotels are of a higher standard (though still limited in many areas), cuisine is more varied and abundant, transport (both public and private) is in much better shape (particularly the lovely classic cars encountered everywhere!). The enjoyment of traveling across this less visited tropical island surpassed all expectations. Something that hasn’t changed is the relaxed atmosphere and friendly, welcoming people.

Our “Cuba to the Yucatan” tour was scheduled before the island is changed by the expected lifting of the decades-long US trade embargo which will allow Cuba to reenter the global market, and open the tourism flood gates from Cuba’s northern neighbor.

From Havana we flew to Cancun and spent two weeks exploring the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan peninsula then the Aztec, Olmec and Toltec sites of Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca. A future journey is planned to see some of Mexico’s ‘hidden gems’ before
continuing through Guatemala and neighboring Central American countries.


Gujarat – the jewel of western India


When possible we like to scout new destinations to ensure our tours offer the best mix of attractions, accommodation and experiences a region has to offer. Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the lesser known western Indian state of Gujarat in company with Stephen and Carolyn Coffey, my wife Beant and children Damien and Maya. Our trip was to identify the most impressive historic sites, game parks, most suitable accommodation choices and the most comfortable route to follow on a future Western Indian Horizons tour.