Mississippi Horizons 2017


Queen of the Mississippi, Louisiana USA

8 May – 5 June 2017

Our 30 day tour visits three music Meccas (New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville); the historic American Indian sites of Acoma, Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde; cruises up the Mississippi for 8 days through historic slavery, plantation and Civil War sites; and concludes with several days in Wyoming enjoying the scenic splendour of Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks and Jackson.

Caucasus Horizons 2017

30 September – 21 October 2017

22 day journey zvarnots-cathedral-of-st-gregorythrough Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia – all former Republics of the Soviet Union, situated to the south of the Caucasus Mountains between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. The region is dotted with ancient churches, monasteries, cathedrals and fortresses – some dating as far back as the 4th century. With several nights each spent in the capitals of Baku, Tbilisi and Yerevan, we explore the highways and byways of this remarkably scenic and historical region in comfort and style.

Myanmar Horizons 2018

18 January – 10 February 2018Shwemawdaw Pagoda Bago

This 24 day tour combines an 8-day Irawaddy River cruise and a 7-night cruise through the Mergui Archipelago off the southern Myanmar coastline, with extensive sightseeing excursions in and around the capital Yangon, around beautiful Lake Inle, home of the traditional ‘leg rowers’, and visits the major attractions of Mandalay and Bagan.

Shangrila to Tibet 2018

shangrila-meadows9 June – 7 July 2018

This 29 day tour journeys overland from Kunming to Dali, Xizhou, Shaxi, Lijian and Mt Wenbi to Tacheng and the Baima Golden Monkey Reserve before reaching Shangrila (Gyalthang) for three nights. Flying to Lhasa we visit Tsedang and spend three nights exploring the many highlights of the Tibetan capital, then take the two day train (soft sleepers) to Xian for three nights and finally Chengdu where we visit the Panda breeding sanctuary. Tour brochure available soon, expressions of interest are welcomed.

Central America Horizons


20 October – 20 November 2018

First operated by Far Horizons in 1991, this fascinating 31-day tour explores in depth the little known regions of Central America from Panama through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize to Mexico, in part following the historic ‘La Ruta Maya’ (the Mayan Route) – the name given to the regions of Southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, which were populated by the ancient Mayans from 2000 BC to AD 900. These remarkable people built 21-storey stone palaces without tools or the benefit of the wheel, and developed a calendar more precise than the one we use today. Tour brochure available soon, expressions of interest are welcomed.